Private shows

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Full 2-hour show

A 2-hour interactive production set in a restaurant where the audience are the diners served a 3-course lunch or dinner. This is the 5-star critically acclaimed production that debuted in Brisbane on 24 April 1997. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have enjoyed the antics of Basil, Sybil and Manuel. The show is constantly in demand throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, Ireland, Scandinavia, United Arab Emirates, and increasingly in Asia and the US...

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience is site-specific immersion theatre, and is suitable for public performances, and for private showings of the full performance. Corporate performances by the Faulty Towers performers are also available (see other options).

The performance is fully interactive and highly improvised. It portrays the spirit of the characters from the Fawlty Towers TV series and the atmosphere they create, but does not use their original TV scripts.

A Night With Faulty Towers

Corporate option

A night with Faulty Towers has been designed specifically for events where people want focussed Faulty Towers entertainment, but have other elements in their evening such as awards, speeches, or other entertainment.

Formatted to provide maximum versatility for the private/corporate client, the night involves 30 minutes of meeting, greeting and seating; 30 minutes of mixing and mingling around the guests; and a 20-minute focussed comedy spot (to be performed between meal courses).

A Taste of Faulty Towers

Corporate option

A taste of Faulty Towers is another specifically designed option for conferences and private functions. Suitable for sit-down meal functions where guests want to chat, network, or sit back and relax, the team will add a sense of fun to the atmosphere.

The performers meet, greet, mingle and assist with service of the meal over a full 2-hour time-frame. No focussed theatrical pieces are presented, but at all times over the two hours there is at least one performer in the room.