Frequently asked questions

Buying tickets

Please click here to read the full terms and conditions of purchasing a ticket to Faulty Towers The Dining Experience.
You are eligible for a concession price ticket (when advertised) if you can provide a valid over-60s or veterans card, or a valid student card (for Off-peak & Sunday shows only). Concessions are offered per ticket, not per booking. Please present your concession card at the venue on arrival for the performance to avoid paying difference between a concession and a full price ticket. Concession tickets can be purchased online or by telephone.
We are unable to give refunds for tickets. However, we can transfer dates free of charge if given at least 48 hours’ notice of the booked date. If transfers are required within 48 hours of the performance, a £5 administration charge will be levied. Note that we can only transfer tickets, if available, within the same run, eg for other dates within the same festival or residency within that same season. If we receive a transfer request after 12pm on the day of the performance then a £20 transfer fee may be applicable.
For performances at our London residency venue(s) groups of 5+ get one ticket free for every 5 purchased.
At selected other venues and Fringe Festivals where specified on our website, groups of 10+ get one ticket free for every 10 purchased.
Groups can reserve tickets and pay later subject to availability. We are unable to offer refunds or exchanges on group bookings. Please pay for groups through our Simpletix booking system (via - look for the section: Group Booking - 6 tickets for the price of 5.

If you have any queries or wish to book by phone or email, contact: UK – 0845 154 4145 | Australia – 1300 308 193 |
As our company performs shows and sells tickets around the world, we don't use a bank to process credit card payments, we use Paypal. This is common in e-commerce. You don't have to create an account to be able to pay with credit card, you simply check out as a guest.
Our company uses two external services for the ticket purchasing process. One is Simpletix (the tickets) and the other is PayPal (the payment/credit card processor). Each service charges a percentage per ticket sale. The service fee of £1.50 per ticket in the UK (£1.00 per ticket when 5 tickets are purchased for the price of 6) covers these percentages; this fee is $2.20 per ticket for selected Fringe and venue performances in Australia where we run the box office.
No, your tickets are e-tickets, and they are not posted. At check-out of the booking process you will see a service charge added. This is to cover the PayPal and SimpleTix commissions that are paid for using the service. Unfortunately, when this amount shows up on the PayPal receipt, it is called "postage & packaging". At this stage, we have been unsuccessful in having the wording on the receipt changed.
No. Seats are only confirmed if paid in full. No refunds.
Yes. It's important to note for large groups that table size is limited by venue to 10-12 people per table. To make a seating request, please fill in our 'special diets and requests' form here or alternatively send us an email, and the information will be added to your booking:
They're reserved in the sense that if you've bought a ticket you'll get in, but you don't have a reserved seat number: we draw up the seating plan. We keep parties together.
Yes. Tickets are available from our Front of House desk during published show times, Thursday-Sunday. Tickets purchased at the venue can only be paid for in cash, or by credit or debit card. For more information on London prices and times, visit the London tickets page.
First enter your voucher and booking details on your preferred date here. Once selected, your dates will be processed manually by members of the Faulty Towers team. Note that we aim to process redemption and confirm your booking within two working days.
With a Gold ticket you get a merchadise bag (Programme, Basil Brew Teabags, "Stolen" from Faulty Towers wine glass) and a Lord or Lady title, with extra attention from Mr Faulty. If the person you want to have the title is different from the booking name please let us know in advance.
Please note the £5 Gold upgrade is based on a full priced ticket. If you have bought your tickets under an offer the price difference will need to be paid.

The show

We perform in English only. However, the performers are used to hearing people translate quietly to non-English speaking members of their party throughout the performance.
Photography & Filming is strictly not allowed. If you attempt to film without permission, your camera/phone will be looked after by management until the conclusion of the performance, and you may be asked to leave if you refuse. If you’re a journalist, please discuss photography and films with our PR people. Contact:

Practical information

One third of the performance is scripted, but the other two thirds is improvised around the audience, so it's always a fresh experience. Many of our audience members have enjoyed the show multiple times or in multiple locations (and we'd love to hear from you if you think you hold the record for most visits!).
It's a two-hour show but it's site-specific in a restaurant environment (whether that's in a theatre, arts centre, hotel or not), so you can get up at any time you like. However, a third of the show is scripted, so it's best to get up only at the end of individual courses. For drinks service, it's best to order enough before the show to be delivered to your table throughout the show. However, there are opportunities to order drinks during the show, eg after the main course. All drinks are table service only.
No part of the show features anyone intentionally spilling anything on anyone else. There have been spillages over the years, but more often by the venue waiting staff than the actors. All the actors respect people's personal belongings.
Children under the age of 5 attend free of charge. They will not be provided a meal, so you would need to bring appropriate food for them. Children 12 & under can attend lunch time shows for £39 and will be given a kids meal, please email or call for details. Other school-age children are eligible for the ‘student concession’ price where this is available. All ages have attended and enjoy the show.
80-120, with plenty of room for actors and guests to move around.
We ask that you arrive half an hour before the show as our Front of House doors will not be open before this time. Front of House will check your e-ticket confirmations and guide you to the pre-show reception area, where you can also order drinks for the show.
If you or one of your party is celebrating something and you want us to give them a special mention, surprise, or otherwise, let us know. You can fill in our 'special diets and requests' form here, or alternatively you can send us an email, and the information will be added to your booking:
It's a set menu, always featuring a soup, a main (probably chicken), and a dessert. It will always be good quality, but you should remember that the food is a prop in the show - not the other way round!
Please let us know of any special diet requirements at least 24 hours before you attend. You can fill in our 'special diets and requests' form HERE, or alternatively you can send us an email, and the information will be added to your booking:
IMPORTANT: If you have an allergy to nuts, whether airborne, through ingestion or physical contact, please let us know and confirm the nature of it at least 72 hours before the performance. If we are not made aware of this until the performance date, the hotel and ITI reserve the right to refuse admission. Please note that we also have a gag in the show that involves peanuts, if we are aware of your allergy we will source a reliable nut free alternative. However, please note that even the manufacturers of this cannot guarantee that their product may not contain traces of nuts. If you have any concerns on this, please contact us at
You can fill in our 'special diets and requests' form HERE
Please let us know about any shellfish allergies at least 5 days in advance of the show. The kitchen used serves shellfish, so we need to make special arrangements for these allergies. You can fill in our 'special diets and requests' form HERE, or alternatively you can send us an email, and the information will be added to your booking:
It depends on the venue. Our London and Edinburgh venues, for instance, have excellent wheelchair access, but some of our smaller venues don’t. It's best to check with the venue that's relevant to you. The show itself is highly interactive and is performed by actors who project very well, so it's ok for people who are hard of hearing or blind. However, it is not suitable for people who can only lip-read and it is not signed so if required feel free to have a member of your party sign.

London residency venue

Yes. Tickets are available from our London Front of House desk during published show times, Thursday-Sunday. Tickets purchased here can only be paid for in cash, or by credit or debit card. For more information on London prices and times, visit the London tickets page.
Here are some great websites you can use to check if there is parking near the venue of your choice:
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