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Collecting for The Humour Foundation Australia – organisers of Clown Doctors

Effective January 2018, Faulty Towers The Dining Experience is an authorised fundraiser for Australia’s Clown Doctors – a strain of The Humour Foundation which centres around providing uplift for children in hospitals.

Clown Doctors

Clown Doctors are professional performers who take their comedy and improvisation skills into hospitals to help children understand procedures and help relieve stress for them and their families. Given that Faulty Towers The Dining Experience is fundamentally improvisation and comedy, partnering with a charity which uses this kind of acting is a natural fit.

Coincidentally, Clown Doctors were introduced in 1997 – the same year the show was born. Furthermore, our original Manuel, Andy Foreman – who continues to play the role with us – is also a Clown Doctor, routinely visiting hospitals in his persona as ‘Dr 2 Shoes’.

Dr 2 Shoes
Clown Doctors

So, throughout 2018 and beyond we are collecting for Clown Doctors in Australia – starting at Fringe World Perth, Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and adding selected other venues along the way.
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